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Welcome facebookers

Click the Like button to share this picture with your facebook friends. Feel free to browse my homepage where I have many more pictures available, each with their own Like button. Share one, share them all :)

I am pleased that you like my photos enough to want to share them. Please use the "Like" button to share my site instead of saving the photos to your computer and then posting them or e-mailing them to your friends and family. I personally took nearly every photo on this site and I post them to facebook for others to enjoy.

I spend a lot of time taking, selecting, and sharing my photos. I don't want to scar my photos by putting a huge watermark across them, so please don't steal my pictures—on purpose or otherwise. Like or share the link!

You can see, share, and like some of my pictures within my facebook albums. If you are still itching for more, I currently have bytes of pictures on my Photo Gallery