First a billboard:

Noboma Bulletin Board

And now: Nobama Bumper Stickers

I Voted for the American

Nobama LOL

Nobama Zombies

Nobama Had Enough Yet

Nobama Score Board

Nobama End of Error

Nobama Care

Nobama Worst President Ever

Nobama Stupid People Shouldn't Vote

Nobama Bummer

Nobama Pro Life God Freedom

Nobama Sucks So Far

Nobama You Lie

Nobama Care

Nobama We Thought Carter Sucked

Nobama Honk Paying Mortgage

Nobama Bankrupt America

Nobama Care

Nobama 100% Anti-Obama

Nobama Hype

Nobama Change Dumbass

Nobama Racist Voting

Nobama No One Owes You Crap

Nobama Sucka Kool-Aid

Nobama This is Your Brain

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