Epic Wins

As Old As Time
This is my evolutionary past

Bat Graph
My kind of math

Bookshelf in Stairs
This bookshelf almost makes me want to have stairs

Bull Missile
The military is over-paying for missiles. Just buy a ranch and you got all you need!

Cat Beard
Cat Beard

Clever Church Sign
I'm glad to see the church has a sense of humor

Zelda Quest Tearoff
Need I say more?

Heat Wave Cookies
You know it's hot when...

L33t Speak Eye Chart
Even if you can see it, can you read it?

Firefighter Shelving
Every firefighter should have a shelf like this

Bird Assassin
Assassin hawk

Dragonfly True Love
Mother Nature shows us what true love looks like

David Goliath Angry Birds Secret Weapon
David had a secret weapon when he defeated Goliath

Shark Sleeping Bag
Why didn't I have a sleeping bag like that when I was a kid?


Stealth Godzilla Iceberg
What truly sunk the Titanic

Supporting Bra
All they need is a way to flex the hands

Ship Guns Firing
Go ahead, mess with us!

Waldo Found
While we've all been looking for Waldo, he's been procreating!

School Is Back Sign
At least they don't try to sugar-coat it

Yo Mamma Aerial Photo
This says it all

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